Vehicle Inspections

Let’s face it, all vehicles need to inspected from time to time, to ensure everything is properly.  If there’s a problem starting to develop then we’ll tell you about before it comes a bigger and more costly problem.  Nelson Imports also offer Pre-Purchase Car Inspections, so you’ll know the true condition.  Is that car going to be a solid, dependable car worth the asking price or is it a headache someone is trying to sell you?  A Vehicle Inspection can also helpful in giving you piece of mind in knowing the car is in tip-top shape for those family road trips or the kids are heading off to college - the car should be dependable and the last thing on your mind.
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Brake Repair / Services

The common adage, “a car that cannot start can be a serious inconvenience, but a car that cannot stop is downright dangerous”, really highlights just how critical a vehicle’s braking system is.  Indeed, a car that does not start could cost you valuable time and lead to some fairly serious consequences, but if your vehicle’s brakes fail, it could easily cost you your life.  Some brake problems are best handled by professionals, and basic diagnostics and tasks should be something that every vehicle owner knows, but regardless of your skill level, our trained technicians can work with you to keep your car performing well. At Nelson’s Imports we love brakes!  We offer all kinds of brake services, including rotor and pad replacement and replacing brake fluid.  Brakes are one of the most important systems for a car.  Our ASE Certified Technicians are trained to resolve even the most complicated brake issues on all makes and models.  Additionally, we can upgrade your brake system to suit your needs.  Whether it’s your daily driver or you car is a highly tuned piece of engineering for the race track, we have all your needs covered

Steering / Shocks / Suspension

Shocks and Struts, they’re easy to take for granted, but your shocks and struts do a very important job so you need to pay attention to them. They keep your tires on the road; and your tires are what connect your vehicle to the road and allow you to safely handle your car through turns, over bumps and even stop in time. When your shocks and struts are worn, your tires bounce excessively over bumps in our roads. Your vehicle will wallow through corners; your front-end will dive when you stop; and your rear-end will squat when you accelerate. All this hurts your ability to control your vehicle. And your ride just isn’t as comfortable. Worn shocks or struts cause excessive tire wear so you’ll have to replace your tires sooner than you should. Worn shocks and struts also stresses other suspension and steering parts causing them to wear prematurely. Struts are actually a major structural component of the suspension system; there’s a lot riding on them. Replacing worn shocks and struts saves money in the long run for drivers and of course you can’t really put a price on your safety and that of your passengers. We generally recommend replacing shocks and struts at 50,000 miles. When it’s time for new shocks or struts, we’ve got you covered. We can give you back the ride and handling of a new vehicle. And if you have special needs we can help you there too. We have premium shocks and struts that will improve your performance. We can even help you with upgraded, heavy-duty shocks that will give you the confidence you need to handle those big towing or hauling jobs.


A properly tuned car, truck or SUV can improve your gas mileage and performance, while improving our environment. With today’s gas prices, having your car inspected annually to determine if your vehicle could benefit from a tune-up is a great way to save money on gas and keep your car performing at its best longer. How do you know when you need a tune-up service? If you keep track of your gas mileage and it worsens by 10% or more, it’s time for a tune-up. Many drivers also seek a tune- up when experiencing any type of driveability problem for their car, truck or SUV. Check your car’s owner manual or come in to Nelson Imports to see the recommended interval for tune-ups and/or spark plug replacement for your specific vehicle.

Transmission Services

Many companies simply drain out the old fluid from your transmission and fill it back up with new fluid. We believe this is better than nothing, but it is not the best practice for such an important and expensive component in your vehicle. At Nelson Imports we understand that just a drain and fill may leave as much as 40% of the fluids inside the transmission. This is not acceptable to us. So, we use specialized equipment and chemicals to power-flush out the old fluids COMPLETELY. We then run a detergent/conditioner through your transmission before we refill your transmission with fresh fluid. We also will drop the pan and clean the screen if that is needed or an option on your vehicle.

Muffler / Exhausts

An exhaust system is more complex than most people would think.  It can affect both your vehicle’s performance and your ability to drive.  Even a new, current engines produce harmful gases like; carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide.  A catalytic converter transform those gases into less harmful ones, like oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide.  And that’s before it ever reaches the muffler.  For these reasons, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance intervals on your exhaust system.  A repair service or an inspection may be impending if you hear load noises during acceleration.  These noises may be a sign of holes or cracks somewhere in the exhaust system.  Rattling noises when starting the vehicle or excessive idling may be a sign of failed or broken hangers.  If you feel drowsiness while driving, this may be a serious sign that fumes are leaking through the vents and into the cabin interior.  Sharp odors are also signs that noxious fumes are leaking into the vehicle. Signs of rust or cracks in any component of your exhaust system indicate corrosion. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek a service sooner than later. 

Scheduled Maintenance

Making Your Vehicle Last With Regular Maintenance Service. A lot of people have older vehicles. They’re good commuters, grocery-getters or toy-haulers. They enjoy that fact that they’re paid off, or soon will be. They would gladly like to keep their vehicles for 200,000 miles or more as long as it’s economical to do so.  There are plenty of people whose vehicles are running after 150,000 or 200,000 miles. We can learn from what they’re doing to keep our own cars on the road. A common denominator is that they never skip an oil change. That may sound a bit unsophisticated, but it’s really not. First off, oil is the life blood of your engine and it needs to be clean to properly lubricate. Skipping oil changes leads to clogged oil filters and sludge that can damage your engine. Enough said. There’s another reason why the scheduled oil change is so important. It’s simple a Nelson Imports professional is going to be looking at your car.  All of your fluid levels will be inspected and topped off so they won’t get so low that damage can be done.  If there is a significant fluid loss, let’s use brake fluid as an example, your technician can look for the cause of the loss and find the problem before it leads to an accident or costly repair.

Climate Control

When your vehicle’s climate control system malfunctions or stops working, it is important to schedule an appointment with Nelson Imports for a climate control repair service. In addition to regaining the comfortable cabin environment you enjoyed prior to your system’s problems, you can help ensure your safety as a driver.  If you pay attention to the warning signs of an impending climate control system service, you may be able to prevent a broken system and safety concerns.  In addition, most owner’s manual now provide a recommended regular service intervals for climate control systems.  Catching the early warning signs and replacing or repairing climate control system components as necessary will help ensure your ability to control air outflow at all times.

E.C.U. Tuning

At Nelson Imports, we pride ourselves on being extremely  knowledgeable and experienced tuning company in the industry.  Our professional tuners and technicians will take your car to the next level! Our experienced consultants will guide you through the chaos of the aftermarket wilderness and only recommend parts of the utmost quality and performance.  Highly qualified technicians handle installations, builds, maintenance and repairs to exacting standards. Expert tuning will ensure that all components work together in harmony to generate impressive power with high levels of safety and longevity. Today's modern import performance cars are blank canvases just begging to be modified to reach new levels of performance and style. Whether you are looking to  Modify, Tune, Maintain, Repair or Replace your E.C.U., Nelson Imports can steer you clear of sub-par parts and let you choose from high quality components with a proven track record of delivering performance, quality and long life. Please call us, email or just stop by today! We would love the opportunity to introduce you to our shop and staff and answer any questions you may have about your car.

Fuel / Induction

Fuel / Air Induction Service – Deposits in the fuel system reduce fuel economy, impair driveability, and interfere with the proper operation of an engine. Deposits are a by-product of the engine’s internal combustion process and need to be removed on a regular basis.  If your vehicle is feeling sluggish or isn’t getting the gas millage it used to then stop by or make an appointment today at Nelson Imports and we’ll have you back up and running to peak performance in no time.